Monday 7 March 2016

Can Makeup Do Good To The Skin?

"She's off to put on her war paint"
"Did you put that on with a shovel?"

Yes, we've all heard this haven't we? And a lot of the time it actually feels this way too! Sometimes, I cannot wait to get my makeup off, then I feel like my face needs a good wash! Imagine not feeling this way when wearing make up, or having taken it off?

Can any make up actually do good for your skin, and not leave you feeling like it has been 'put on with a shovel'?

Cosmetics products for your face can deliver healthy skin benefits along with smoothing, perfecting and contouring results. Some of the benefits from skin cosmetics can include:
Protection: Makeup with UVA/UVB protection can help prevent sunburn.
Moisture balance support: Cosmetics can help support the skin’s moisture levels to minimise the appearance of fi ne lines and wrinkles. Select the formula that delivers the best hydration for your skin type.
Beautiful, healthy looking skin starts with a personalised skincare regime to help create the perfect canvas for your cosmetics. Cosmetics can help you create the perfect finish that delivers the look you want for day or night.
The ideal makeup options help you create a “flawless face” appearance and complement your skincare regime. The products should:
Conceal imperfections
Create a smooth, even base
Set the look and complete with a perfect finish

Welcome Arbonne's Cosmetics range!


Arbonne Cosmetics face products address the needs of every skin type, tone and age. They help achieve flawless coverage while natural botanicals and age defying ingredients help your skin look and feel fabulous.

Makeup Primer
Crรจme Concealer
Arbonne Intelligence® CC Cream
Perfecting Liquid Foundation SPF 15
Sheer Pressed Powder
Got You Covered Mineral Powder Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15
Sheer Glow Highlighter
Setting Pretty Translucent Loose Powder Broad Spectrum SPF 15
Cosmetics Brush Set / Mineral Powder Brush,573.aspx


The Arbonne Cosmetics eye collection gives you the tools to create effortless beauty for day or night. We have formulated all of our eye cosmetics to make you look and feel gorgeous, living up to the Arbonne philosophy: pure, safe, beneficial. They focus on every ingredient in the products to ensure they deliver nothing but beautiful results, so you can focus on how beautiful they make you look.

The Arbonne Cosmetics eye collection includes:
Eye Shadow
Eye Liner
Liquid Eye Liner
Eyebrow Gel
Its A Long Story® Mascara
Easy on the Eyes Eye Makeup Remover,575.aspx


Arbonne lipsticks, liners and glosses support a youthful lip appearance while also moisturising. All three products are designed to help the delicate lips appear defined, plumped and moisturised, delivering youthful, effortless beauty. We have formulated lipsticks, glosses and liners that make you look and feel gorgeous while living up to the Arbonne philosophy: pure, safe, beneficial.

The Arbonne Lip Beauty Collection products contain:
Botanicals with antioxidants
Naturally derived moisturising elements: Maintaining moisture levels and preventing dry, chapped lips helps minimise the appearance of ageing

The Arbonne Lip Beauty Collection offers the following products:
Smoothed Over Lipstick
Glossed Over Lip Gloss
Lip Liner,576.aspx

Home Detox - Reduce bloating and lose inches

So, we all love detox wraps (and detoxing in general) just as much as we love a quick fix by dropping a few inches for a night out or special occasion!

For me, I suffer from IBS and I cannot plan around when I am going to bloat so much that I cannot fasten my jeans - so I am all for detox wraps that will assist in reducing my bloating for a few days!

So here we welcome the Arbonne SeaSource Spa detox wrap!

It is so easy to do and takes around an hour including preparation and leave on time!
first, I am going to introduce the SeaSource Spa range itself, before I explain how to do the wraps!

Your skin is responsible for a quarter of your body’s natural detoxification each day to keep it healthy. Healthy skin appears vibrant, radiant and soft. Skin that appears dry, flaky or dull might need some rejuvenation and detoxification by cleansing, exfoliating and masking.
Products such as cleansers, exfoliants and masks help detoxify skin by cleaning pores, and removing dead skin cells and built up toxins on the skin’s surface. To help keep your skin looking healthy:
Cleanse twice daily: Cleansing helps remove toxins and impurities.
Practice skin brushing: Similar to exfoliating, dry brushing helps stimulate surface circulation and remove dead skin.
Sweat: Sweating can quickly and effectively discharge the body of toxins, so vigorous workouts and the use of steam rooms are effective for detoxifying skin.
Stay hydrated: Drink at least 68 glasses of water daily. Hydrating helps your body fl ush out toxins and gives skin the appearance of a healthy glow.
Use masks: Full body or face masks draw out impurities and toxins, helping prevent clogged pores and remove excess oils.
SeaSource Detox Spa products were developed for skin detoxification, restoration and total renewal through hydration. Beneficial marine plant extracts in the products offer restorative hydration as they nourish skin with moisture. Vitamins, sea derived minerals and botanicals, and patented marine technologies make SeaSource Detox Spa a unique, dynamic collection to help you achieve maximum skincare benefits.

So, what you will need:
1. Purifying sea soak -,2161,524.aspx
2. Detox spa renewing body gelee -,2166,524.aspx
3. Foaming sea salt scrub -,2160,524.aspx
4. Cling film
5. Bandages

Place 1/3 of Arbonne Purifying sea soak to 4 cups of warm water in a bowl. Place the bandages in the solution to soak.
Whist this is soaking, place the foaming sea salt body scrub on the areas you are targeting and wash off.
Generously apply the renewing body gelee to the same areas.
Rinse out the bandages and apply snuggly around the area.
Finally, wrap snuggly with the cling film, leave for 45 minutes and remove!

It works out at around £5 a wrap, so why not get all of the girls/guys round and make a night of it?

Sign up as a preferred client and receive 20% off, including any future buys for a year!

Tuesday 16 February 2016

The Importance of quality skincare and makeup application

Aging - as much as a good primer can help fill and cover the appearance of fine lines, it just doesn't cut the mustard for the deeper ones! Having daily skincare containing anti-oxidants, peptides and collagen stimulating ingredients such as vitamin C and algae extract will help to firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Keeping the skin hydrated with good skincare will enable everything to work efficiently, supporting collagen and elastin production.


Pores - a good primer will also help to even out the look of pores, but this is made easier if the pores are already smaller and less visable. Using a mask to draw out impurities, excess oils and exfoliate will help to refine pores.


Oily Skin - An over oily skin can affect the way your makeup takes and sits on your skin, and can also give your face a shiner appearance, even after makeup application. Using a day lotion that absorbs oil before makeup application should help, for over oily skins a mattifying powder will absorb oil at the same time it is minimising the shine! For long term results a purifying cleanser and toner should be used daily, along with an oil absorbing day lotion and a mask once or twice a week - try not to dry out the skin!


Dry Skin - dry skin will impact the way the makeup sits on the face, and overly dry skin will be visable as flakey skin under the makeup (this can also flake off and cause patchy spots!). Using a night cream which will hydrated whilst you sleep will help ready for makeup application in the morning. Using a day lotion which moisturisers will give a good base for makeup application. It is important to use a hydrating daily wash for continuous results.

Recommended: FC5 range -,497.aspx


Blemishes - Blemishes can be covered by applications of concealer and foundation, but money will be saved on product usage over time if the blemishes are cleared in the first instance. Using a product with salicylic acid will help to reveal new layers of skin, exfoliating and helping to clear up blemishes. It is important to also use products that will keep the skin hydrated and soothed in order not to over dry the skin.


Acne - due to the various grades of acne there is different skincare for different grades. If you would like some advice on which skincare to use - please message me.

Lips - Having chapped, dry lips with large lines can massively impact the way your lipstick sits. Using a lip treatment which will moisturise, hydrate and soften the appearance of lines on the lips before lipstick application will help to act as a primer. Using it consistently will help with long term effects.


Regardless of whether you have any hang ups on your skin - it is important that you keep it in good condition and exfoliated. If you would prefer a more personalised recommendation - please do not hesitate to contact me!

When purchasing skin care products, always ask to see clinical trials and white papers to unsure the products you are buying are going to WORK!

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Are your boozy weekends compromising your appearance?

How much alcohol do you drink? (Honestly, please!)

Alcohol, as we know, is toxic to the body and puts a strain on liver functioning. What we aren't aware is, that this can cause the skin to look an unhealthy yellow or pale brown colour. 

This is because the toxins from our boozy weekend (or tipple on an evening) affect the immunology of the skin and it's metabolism is impaired - resulting in free radical formation (PREMATURE AGEING!)

Alcohol causes Vasodilation of the surface blood vessels - small red/purple clusters will appear on the skin, mostly on the cheeks and nasal areas. 
As if this wasn't bad enough - the skin will have a blemished appearance and will look generally puffy.

Will the long term affects of alcohol on your appearance or skin health encourage you to change your intake and step away from the glass? (Or bottle ๐Ÿ˜)


Thursday 4 February 2016

Could your grimy home town be the cause of your bad skin??

Ok, so that sounds rather harsh - but it is true that city/town living can have a negative effect on your skin health!


To start carbon monoxide, the pollutant in car fumes, negatively effects the body. This causes and inflammation response which results in free radical damage to the skin. Free radical damage is an unstable atom where there is an imbalance of electrical charge - not important, but what IS important is that this will cause visible premature aging!!

Following this, sulphur, a major polluter in the air is dehydrating to the skin, having adverse affects on the skins pH and the process of desquamation - JARGON - but the result is a build up of dead skin cells which can cause lesions, highttened skin sensitivity and vulnerability to infection. Keep hydrated!

Living in a 'grimy' city, or frequent underground travel can lead to congestion = Blackheads.

On the other side COUNTRY LIVING is generally fresher and better oxygenated, therefore our country livers are less likely to be suffering from environmentally caused congestion! 

SO... Is it time to pack up and move to the country yet??